आज भी ख्यालों में तुम दिख जाती हो

दिल पर मेरे कुछ लिख जाती हो।।


वो बात मन की जो कह न सका

ज़स्बात दिल के जो सह न सका।।


काश तुमने थोड़ी और बात की होती

मेरे दिल की आग एहसास की होती।।


लेकिन अब तुमसे कोई गिला नहीं

कमी शायद हम में थी,  जो हमें कोई मिला नहीं।।



Egyptian Exhilaration

Egyptian Exhilaration

My dear Arabian friend

I hope our friendship never ends.


You’re so naughty, nice and sweet.

It must be magic that we should meet.


My mouth full of sleep, your mouth full of food.

You resist with one eye and I will resist with two.


When university starts and life is set.

Let us promise now that we will not forget.



Bittersweet Smile

Bittersweet Smile

Why is it so hard

to say

“You look beautiful!”.


Why is it so hard

to look away

from you.


Why is it so hard

to slay

these feelings inside.


Why is it so hard

for me today

to tell the truth.


Why is it so hard

to write

when you’ve someone else beside.




I have no aim;

no hint of passion.

In this world of boredom,

everything’s a distraction.


Lonely in this room full of people,

faking it like an empty shell.

Dreams taking their last breath,

Killing time in this waiting room of Death.

Airtravel Allowance

Airtravel Allowance

30 k.g(s) only.

Screamed my ticket boldly.


Again, the attendant pointed at it,

their 30kg metric. Sigh.

I removed my Pokémon packet.



weighing hearts wasn’t on their list.


High drift; through the mist;

with my city,

I had my last tryst.